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    SDK Symbian Anna + Carbide 3.2


    I´m having a problem and this is very frustrating...

    Downloaded the SDK for Symbian^3 and the Carbide C++ 3.2, but any of the projects that i´m building doesn´t work on my phone...

    Every time that I´ll try to install something, it says that the app is incompatible with my device (Nokia 500).

    Someone could tell what I exactly need to compile an app to that phone?!

    I need to make an app that set up a RFCOMM server but nothing is working... Trying to compile the PMPBluetooth example, but I´m stuck at the problem above... And can´t import this project to my workspace... When I try to, the Carbide says that "No projects found to import"

    Need this to my job, not personal.... So... if someone could help me i´ll be VERY gratefull..

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    Re: SDK Symbian Anna + Carbide 3.2

    the installation thing is just an warning, and you could get rid of it by adding the platform id into your pkg file. Anyway, it should not prevent installation nor running of the application,

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