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    Calling a stackedwinow from another window


    I started to created a standard example and do not know how to proceed.

    I have created a new .qml file, ExitDialog.qml that contain a PageStackWindow with the id "myExitWindow"

    I want this window to be showed when the user press a button on the start window (main.qml)

    I tried a numerous variants to access it
    onClicked: {


    but always ends up with the runtime error

    ..../main.qml:24: ReferenceError: Can't find variable: myExitWindow

    How do I make main.qml aware of the PageStackWindow in the file ExitDialog.qml


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    Re: Calling a stackedwinow from another window

    If your other .qml file is named ExitDialog.qml you do this for the button

    onClicked: {

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