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    Keeping the backlight on full power

    Hi there,

    The problem I have is the backlight dimming when it thinks it's in low light conditions.

    I don't have a problem with the backlight going off as the code uses QSystemScreenSaver to inhibit the screen saver (it's a Qt app).

    The only threads I could find were using HAL::SetData() and when looking at the header files they're all marked as PublishedPartner so I can't use them.

    Anyone know another way to keep the display on full power? It's a colours based game so really needs the display on full at all times while running.


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    Re: Keeping the backlight on full power

    Reser inactivity timer should basically do the trick just fine, so have you tried using it already ?

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    Re: Keeping the backlight on full power

    (User::ResetInactivityTime, call it periodically)

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    Re: Keeping the backlight on full power

    Thank you, it's still seemingly dimming after several seconds of delay if I cover over the light sensor but now lightens up immediately when I uncover it so it's much better behaviour than before.

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