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    SSL Error / Belle Refresh

    Hi guys

    After update my FW on the phone to Belle Refresh, i have permanently problem with SSL connections on QML, but on QT C++ too.

    Before i update my phone then i have same problem, but i resolve it with use class QDeclarativeNetworkAccessManagerFactory ignoreSSLErrors and set
    viewer.engine()->setNetworkAccessManagerFactory(my class);.

    But, after i update FW to Belle Refresh then this solution doesn't work. Have you any suggestion how to solve this problem.
    I get this error
    [Qt Message] S60EglEndpointFunctions::getProcAddress eglCreateEndpointNOK not found 
    [Qt Message] S60EglEndpointFunctions::getProcAddress vgCreateEGLImageTargetKHR not found 
    [Qt Message] could not set SSL_CTRL_SET_TLSEXT_HOSTNAME, Server Name Indication disabled
    Thank you so much and sorry my english
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    Re: SSL Error / Belle Refresh

    did u solve this issue? i am having the same problem.


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    Re: SSL Error / Belle Refresh

    No, not yet

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