Hello all -

I'd like to alert this community to an ongoing open source UAV project - OpenPilot. The first hardware, CopterControl (a multirotor, heli and plane autopilot), has already been released and it's second version, CC3D, (with newer sensors) is ready to launch. Also "waiting in the wings" is the OpenPilot Revolution, a sophisticated autonomous flight controller with GPS waypoint navigation, Return-To-Home and so on.

Our Ground Control Station (GCS) is built using Qt and runs on Windows, Mac and Linux. It's a mature system but now needs some additional work and a bit of general polishing before we can release the CC3D hardware and move on to focussing on the Revolution.

So here's our problem - we desperately need some fresh "Qt muscle" to help get CC3D out the door and begin work on Revolution's release. As with any OS project, people have other commitments, they move on, etc. - we now find ourselves a bit "stalled" on the CC3D launch for lack of sufficient Qt devs.

If you're interested in UAV technology, radio control, aerial photography or just appreciate great OS projects - we can promise you a warm welcome to our passionate, diverse and friendly community. Whatever your level of experience with Qt, you can probably help us and have a lot fun as well!

For a quick look at the project, go to the project website.
Then introduce yourself in the forums (as long as you can cope with suddenly having 700 "new best friends" )

Thanks for listening