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    Question java me unicode display


    I have developed a java me application for hindi text.

    The hindi text is getting displayed on most of the handsets, but for few it does not show the hindi text,when it comes to hindi text it shows blank.At the same time when i try to enter text in text box,it shows predefined hindi text in text box

    -please help me

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    Re: java me unicode display

    For Hindi text to show up on a phone, the phone must have a Hindi font installed.

    Unicode support does not automatically imply that there are fonts that have all the possible Unicode characters. Nokia's Series 40 and S60/Symbian based phones have Hindi fonts only when sold/manufactured for a Hindi-speaking country/region.

    On Series 40 based phones, you can't install any new system fonts.

    I'm not sure how it'd work for Hindi, but with J2ME one approach for custom fonts is explained here: http://www.developer.nokia.com/Commu...nts_in_Java_ME

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