Good day
I’m using a QGraphicsGeoMap inherited class, I’m able to add objects thru addMapObject function, but my problem is when zooming in/out the coordinates of that object is not reflected correctly on the new view.

    void MapWidget::addLocation(double lat, double lon/*, QString title, QString desc*/)
        QGeoCoordinate coord(lat, lon);
        QPixmap map = QPixmap(":/qml/mapExample/Location_pin.png");
        QGeoMapPixmapObject *pen = new QGeoMapPixmapObject(coord,QPoint(0,0),map);
Whenever I zoom in or out, the location of this object is changed.

What do you think is the problem and/or what is the soultion, I’ve attached a sample photos on how it looks

I’m using this class with QML project as well.

(If I use QML Map api, it works OK, but I need this for 5th edition devices as well)

Notice the pin image and street 30 on the 3 images.