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    How to change the size of date

    Hi... I'm new to this forum, this is the first time I write (I'm not english so I can't write very well).

    If this board is not correct for my problem, please move my thread :-)

    I'm only trying to edit a xml file for a widget for a S60v5, the Bubue Desk Clock.

    Here the xml:

    <?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
    <clock name="Cyber Flip Clock by marcingp5" type="flip">
    <f t="pane" f="background.png"/>
    <f t="hand" f="hand.png"/>
    <f t="num_1" f="1.png"/>
    <f t="num_2" f="2.png"/>
    <f t="num_3" f="3.png"/>
    <f t="num_4" f="4.png"/>
    <f t="num_5" f="5.png"/>
    <f t="num_6" f="6.png"/>
    <f t="num_7" f="7.png"/>
    <f t="num_8" f="8.png"/>
    <f t="num_9" f="9.png"/>
    <f t="num_0" f="0.png"/>
    <f t="preview" f="preview.png"/>
    <point t="hour_pos" pos="50,50"/>
    <point t="minute_pos" pos="190,50"/>
    <point t="number_1st_pos" pos="0,0"/>
    <point t="number_2nd_pos" pos="40,0"/>
    <point t="date_pos" pos="120,190"/>

    What is, if there, the string to change the size of date?
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    Re: How to change the size of date


    S60v5, the Bubue Desk Clock is a software without public documentation - you can experiment with it, but mostly it will be wasting your time

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    Re: How to change the size of date

    Ok sir.. many thanks for your replay...

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