The cloud preview for s40 webapp stop working since Sep 7.
I tried to clean the project, not work.
And i also imported the sample projects, got the same error when cloud preview.

Any one know how to solve this? Thanks.

Detail Error:
Validating and packaging NNLDP project for preview
Packaging files from C:/Users/ygguo/WebToolsWorkspace/NNLDP
Packaging Successful

Checking for the availability of last uploaded URL...
Performing initial upload for project - "NNLDP" to preview server...
Upload file size - 98.583 KB
Upload failed - 10 Sep 2012 10:33 AM
Error Details: Unexpected error please try again. If error persists, please contact the administrator.

NNLDP cannot be launched in Simulator. Encountered issues on WebApp Manager Server!