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    QGeoSearchManager->geocode [Search error]

    We have developed an app using QT mobility 1.2 for desktop which will do reverse geo code ,routing and geocode and this was working good till the last month i gues..

    But now suddenly this app for location search(geocode) giving the following error.
    "The element "boundingBox" expected this child element to be named "northWest" (found an element named "topLeft")".

    And this is how the we are passing the address to the search manager.
    addressReply = searchManager->geocode(address);

    We didnt change the code from our side and not sure what happnd in btw.Please help to fix this issue.


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    Re: QGeoSearchManager->geocode [Search error]


    Is it possible you accidentally have loaded some different version of nokia plugin ?
    Please check the difference in nokia plugin geoservice protocol parser mainline and some commit where that "northWest" was introduced

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