I submitted an update for my Java-app "F1uptodate" (ID: 268628) on the 25. August and I'm still waiting for this update to be published.

Also I submitted an update for my Java-app "Tankometer (ID: 302505) on the 28. August as an important update, as the previous version didn't worked because of missing https-permission. After some mails with the Dev Support (here it was Ricky), he wrote me that the QA process was set on "high priority". But also here I am still waiting for any publishes. I even had to unpublish the item, cause the previously published version didn't worked and a lot of negative comments were written...

I also asked again through the Dev Support main on the 3. September and got an answer by Ray:
Upon checking, I was able to confirm that your contents “Formula 1 Data App” and “Tankometer” are still under the review process. Hence, I will now coordinate this matter with the appropriate department for facilitation.
Sadly, I didn't got any further reply or information why both QA processes takes so long, not from Ricky neither from Ray.
Can someone from Nokia have a look at those both things?

Best Regards,