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    Application output (console or debug ) in qml

    I removed console output by adding these 2 lines in my pro file.
    CONFIG += release

    Now for debug purposes, I need the log to the application output window. For some reason I don't get log anymore (I have removed the 2 line). I am not sure what has been changed, I comapre with old version it looks fine. If I create a sample file then I get the log. But for some reaosns I don't get log from my current project, Can any body point me what could be wrong?


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    Re: Application output (console or debug ) in qml

    You can comment the two lines and clean build again. It should work.
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    Re: Application output (console or debug ) in qml

    It did not work for me, there must be some where I have changed but can't trace it. console.log or qDebug() none work.
    On the other hand if I make a new project, then both works.

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