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    Are WindowsPhone mobiles better than those with Symbian?

    Hi everyone. I need an advice. I will be doing a Bachelor thesis at my university. I will be developing an application for Nokia mobile phone, which will use most of the sensors in mobile. We have mobile phones with Symbian and WindowsPhone, and i dont know for wich one I will be developing or should be developing this app. I would like to make an indoor navigation, using magnetic (ferromagnetic) field. I read about some similar application for Android. So it is possible. Well, the question is, which mobile phones have better magnetic field sensor. Those with WindowsPhone or those with Symbian.
    Thank you for answer.

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    Re: Are WindowsPhone mobiles better than those with Symbian?

    You may want to check this discussion, http://www.developer.nokia.com/Commu...etometer-issue, and its references. Though if I imagine your setup correctly, you will track the relative changes, not the absolute values.
    It may be worth noting that the magnetic sensor is common, but there are devices which do not have it (like the Nokia Lumia 610). So make sure you pick devices which do.
    For the Symbian side I do not remember discussions about such issues, but I am not familiar with the topic.

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