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    SMSC - positiv result / nothing happen


    i have a Problem.
    I Dont find the wrong part.

    I want to send an operator logo.
    With Group Logo, Image, Tone - no Probleme.
    Only the One with Operator Logo.

    Please help me...

    Here are the fats.
    A Script Dail Up to a SMSC und submit the followring three Messages.

    //SCKL15820000010301 3062F2200A00480E010100383C00000FC0000100787E1E01FCE0C0038000E37E01FE63E003811CE1E6039F637C83861E60061F9B667EC38E1E7C06
    //SCKL15820000010302 07F366C6739C0E1F06033F64C639300E078601A76CFC1D6007C18605E77CC007C007E386FCFE78C0FFFF877F07FC7C38FC393C021C0718F0387E01
    //SCKL15820000010303 000000060FC03002030000000003001800

    //SCKL1582 = Operator Logo Part
    0000010303 = Counting Style
    30 = Version of Image
    62F2 = MCC (262)
    20 = MNC of Provider (2)
    0A = Go char

    .... Messages.

    I get a positiv Result form the SMSC.
    Nothings happen.


    Posted by Michael Hass, m.hass@mfsconsulting.de
    on February 28, 2002 at 10:5

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    RE: SMSC - positiv result / nothing happen

    Posted by Forum Nokia Developer Support,
    on March 04, 2002 at 14:24

    Message looked good to me. Contact the SMSC support.

    Forum Nokia Developer Support

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