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    updated app has new languages, how handle "works for all languages"?

    I had an english only app.
    I defined in distribution -> languages
    "Works for all languages" yes
    So that somebody in e.g. Brasil can still use the english version.

    Now I updated the app that it also includes Spanish, French, German and of course English.
    So one "content file" includes 4 languages.
    To specify this, it seems that I need to disable
    "Works for all languages"
    And than add English, Spanish, etc.

    But will the brasil user with a Portuguese phone still be able install my app?


    Karsten Meier

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    Re: updated app has new languages, how handle "works for all languages"?

    If i'm right, as long as your app supports at least English, you can check "Works for all languages".

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    Re: updated app has new languages, how handle "works for all languages"?

    Yep, I'm not official support person for publishing, anyway, if you start selecting supported languages, then your application will only be distributed to markets supporting the selected languages, so you should just keep the "Works for all languages", and maybe just update the metadata to also included descriptions etc. with the languages implemented in the application.

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    Re: updated app has new languages, how handle "works for all languages"?

    For a better user experience and to avoid customers frustration, At least make your application has an English UI as long as you set "Works for all languages" to be Yes

    But if your application has other languages UI (German, French, etc.) and no English UI, it's highly recommended to select only the countries that aware of / use these languages; Otherwise your content / application will be reported to Nokia by customers and removed from these regions; and the worst thing is that you will loose your customers trust; and they will be afraid to buy your applications in the future. In addition to low rate reviews, complaining emails and they will refund their money of course.
    Nokia Asha applications [Price Point Policy] [Unlimited Updates] [Suggestions]: http://www.developer.nokia.com/Community/Discussion/showthread.php?240423-Nokia-Asha-applications-Price-Point-Policy-Unlimited-Updates-Suggestions

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