I've got an app that uses the QSystemNetworkInfo networkName, I've had it break before when we went from Belle, to Belle FP1, and ltomuta advised it needed the WriteDeviceData capability added as it wasn't at the time documented, and it worked again.

I've had a few email from people saying they upgraded to the Belle Refresh and it's stopped working. I've had day trying to figure out how to fix it, but I'm pretty stuck as it works on Belle + FP1. I hoping ltomuta's gunna pop up and point out something else thats changed.

CONFIG += mobility
MOBILITY = systeminfo

symbian:TARGET.CAPABILITY += ReadUserData
symbian:TARGET.CAPABILITY += WriteDeviceData
symbian:TARGET.CAPABILITY += ReadDeviceData
symbian:TARGET.CAPABILITY += Location
SysInfo = new QSystemNetworkInfo(this);
QSystemNetworkInfo::NetworkMode mode = sysInfo->currentMode();

// Mode
ui->ModeL->setNum(sysInfo->currentMode()); // 1 or 3 reported, GSM or WCDMA
// Network Name
ui->NetworkL1->setText(sysInfo->networkName(sysInfo->currentMode())); // No result
ui->NetworkL2->setText(sysInfo->networkName(QSystemNetworkInfo::GsmMode)); // No result
ui->NetworkL3->setText(sysInfo->networkName(QSystemNetworkInfo::WcdmaMode)); // No Result