First,please forgive my little english.
I 've met with this problem for a long time.
I am going to develop an application that can search some infomation in my local database.
In my qml file ,i use the following codes to link database. (I mean that my databse is not empty at first,I 've put some data in it ,and i just want to use its data in this application.)

function getDatabase() {
return openDatabaseSync("MyDB", "1.0", "Mine", 5244928);
} //open sqlite databse
function appendListModelData(busNumInput)
var db = getDatabase();
menuData.clear(); //clear all the listView element at first
db.transaction(function(tx) {
var rs = tx.executeSql('SELECT * FROM train');
//* This is part of my codes

In my Qt Simulator,it is ok to lunch the local database
in this directory:"C:\Users\Administrator\AppData\Local\Nokia\QtSimulator\data\QML\OfflineStorage\Databases\"

So i save my databse in here.And i can visit the data in this file easily in my Simulator QT for Visual 2008.

However,when i pack my app to deb package and deploy it to my N9 ,it cant visit the database's data.
So,i want to know ,how should i visit my database in my N9,where it would be in my N9?
And if i want to visit it in my phone,how should i deploy my databse, and in which directory it should be?