Hi all!

I'm trying to use the nokia web maps in a way that the map should only be pannable with a right-click mouse drag, not with a left-click. I'm adding a Drag component to the map, and I try to specify that I want the use the right mouse button. But it does not work.

I'm creating a drag with setting the dragButtons to only the right mouse button:

drag = new nokia.maps.map.component.panning.Drag({dragButtons: nokia.maps.map.component.panning.Drag.RMB})
I add this to the map with no effect. If I change it to "LMB" instead of RMB, then the dragging works fine with the left mouse button.

Am I doing something wrong?

I'm using this js file to access the nokia maps API: http://api.maps.nlp.nokia.com/2.2.2/jsl.js