Good day

I'm publishing an update food reservation app on Nokia store (v 1.1) and now I'm getting this error from QA (previously was not there)

SUMMARY: The application does not prompt (active consent) the user for permission to use Location Data. User permission is required in order for the application to use Location Data.
CORRECTIVE ACTIONS: Please implement active consent by creating a prompt to ask the user's permission to use Location Data. The prompt must appear before Location Data is used.
NOTE: The application must also include an "OPT-OUT" feature that disables the use of Location Data.

1- can active consent be every time the user wants to use the location based service, I show a dialog box asking we are going to use your data to place an order, continue or not.

2- if i do the first option, would that mean that no need for opt-out feature to be implemented as the user would be asked everytime if they want to use the location based service.

3- the reason for this, is i dont want to add an extra settings component for the app, for use gps settings.!!!!!!