Nokia Belle Refresh - QT 4.8.0 - Landscape mode/rendering changed/damaged

Latest Nokia Belle firmware delivers QT 4.8.0. The coordinate system and rendering differs between portrait and landscape mode. Portrait mode behaves like QT 4.7.4 . Landscape mode is totaly different in two ways (maybe more).

1. Coordinate system
Lets have a look on the upper left corner (screen dimension is 360x640 N8, E7):

Portrait Mode:
QT 4.7.4 => X: 0 Y: 0
QT 4.8.0 => X: 0 Y: 0

Landscape Mode
QT 4.7.4 => X: 0 Y: 0
QT 4.8.0 => X: 360 Y: 0

It seems that the QML root object is only rotated (by the new animation) and still behaves in portrait mode. How can i get the old behavior? How to disable the animation?

2. Rendering landscape mode QT 4.8.0
While rendering in portrait mode everything behaves like QT 4.7.4 .
When using a QGLWidget as viewport (QmlApplicationViewer::setViewport(new QGLWidget(QGLFormat::defaultFormat()));) than rendering in landscape mode is totaly damaged. Application is only show on left side of the screen and covers only 50% of the screen.

Same behavior can be reproduced with unchanged viewport by setting the attribute Qt::WA_TranslucentBackground (QmlApplicationViewer::setAttribute(Qt::WA_TranslucentBackground);).

So! I know there no support anymore by Nokia (Update, Bugfixes, ...) for Symbian. But is there a known workaround to get my applications working with Nokia Belle Refresh?
Given hint at Wiki Changes QT 4.8.x to set attribute Qt::WA_SymbianNoSystemRotation does not change anything.

All hints and advises are welcome.

Best regards