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    make word puzzle game look nice on windows phone

    Hi all,

    I have created a small word puzzle game in Silverlight and want to port it to Windows Phone/Windows 8, uisng C# or VB.Net. The game has 16 letters in a square (like a 4*4 crossword). I can drag a letter and release it in a new position (X or Y) and the rest of the "tiles" follow. BUT - this is only a redraw of the square (that is, I'm recalculating the positions in the underlying array that spits out the letters) when I release the mouse. In other words, there is no "sexy" slide or following effect as one would expect from a Silverlight game or, more importantly, from a windows phone game. What I'd like is basically some library/template/API that lets me drag things around with the typical smart phone feeling of neatness.

    Also, I'd like to have a connection to a high score list or the like.

    I suspect that there must be some kind of API, template or so to help me do this, but I can't figure out where. I'm not a great programmer, but then again I only need access to what I think would be rather universal things (animating drag'n'drop above all). Since this is only a hobby project, it must be fairly easy and quick to do.

    Thanks for any input!

    Pettrer, Sweden

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    Re: make word puzzle game look nice on windows phone

    Hi Pettrer

    To create animation in Silverlight, Expression Blender is the best tool. It allows you animation creation visually without single line of code. I hope the tutorial will give you some hint on how to proceed with animation in your application project development.

    For score list you need a server and hand-made protocol implementation. Not big deal. If you are choosing between SOAP and REST , the latter is better. Try Google Engine - at least you wil get some exiting experience

    Ask me more if you need help.


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    Re: make word puzzle game look nice on windows phone

    Thanks a lot for the reply. Actually I (legally) own and am familiar with Blend. I didn't realise that I could use it for this stuff however. I'll dig into this matter further...

    Thanks aain,


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