Hi all,

I have created a small word puzzle game in Silverlight and want to port it to Windows Phone/Windows 8, uisng C# or VB.Net. The game has 16 letters in a square (like a 4*4 crossword). I can drag a letter and release it in a new position (X or Y) and the rest of the "tiles" follow. BUT - this is only a redraw of the square (that is, I'm recalculating the positions in the underlying array that spits out the letters) when I release the mouse. In other words, there is no "sexy" slide or following effect as one would expect from a Silverlight game or, more importantly, from a windows phone game. What I'd like is basically some library/template/API that lets me drag things around with the typical smart phone feeling of neatness.

Also, I'd like to have a connection to a high score list or the like.

I suspect that there must be some kind of API, template or so to help me do this, but I can't figure out where. I'm not a great programmer, but then again I only need access to what I think would be rather universal things (animating drag'n'drop above all). Since this is only a hobby project, it must be fairly easy and quick to do.

Thanks for any input!

Pettrer, Sweden