As a member of launchpad program I'd like to use one of two technical support cases.Lately I've submitted a game(JSR 184)
to QA,which looks like this : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TvMNU...ature=youtu.be and which ends in that way:

This is QA answer:
-"Comments from the QA team:
Failed QA.
SUMMARY: The application can not be back to Main Menu after game over."


Unified Testing Criteria for Java ME applications version 3.2: June 2012 states as follow:
-" FN8
Main menu requirements
The main functionalities of Exit, Help and About are easily available through the main menu
Full Description
1. Start the application
Steps to conduct the test
2. Open the main menu
3. Check that Exit, Help and About are available
4. Check that Help displays the help information
5. Check that the help includes: aims of the application, use of keys (for example for games) and the descriptions of the application features.
6. Check that Exit menu item exits the application
7. Check the information on the About and compare it to the JAD and JAR's manifest file information
-The main menu includes Exit, About and Help
Expected Result
-Exit, About and Help both work as expected, without any error messages
-About must include:
a) Developer name
b) Application name
c) The exact version number of the application
-It's consistent with the information found in the JAD file and JAR's manifest as follows:
a) Developer name: MIDlet-Vendor
b) Application name: MIDlet-Name
c) The version number: MIDlet-Version
-The About can be included in to the Help menu
So why does the application have to come back to main menu, if it is still there?

The game is compatibile with S60 3rd Edition FP2 , S60 3rd Edition FP1 and S60 3rd Edition so I can't include additional functionalities as REPLAY or NEW GAME after the game over because instruction System.gc does not work nor all manual attempts with using instructions like for instance: scene.removeChild(object); object==null;.This instruction(System.gc) works only for quite simple applications for this phone families.
Ultimately I've decided to end the game in that way: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KS5XW...ature=youtu.be

although I'm not convinced of the validity of this approach.

Therefore, I kindly please help in solving this issue.

Best regards !

Leszek Bil