hi please help me with this,

I want to parse SOAP response so i used LINQ for that,

below is my soap response

<S:Envelope xmlns:S="http://schemas.xmlsoap.org/soap/envelope/">
<ns2:getTermsAndConditionsResponse xmlns:ns5="http://pat.ws.com/webService/Folder" xmlns:ns4="http://pat.ws.com/webService /Contact" xmlns:ns3="http://pat.ws.com/webService/Group" xmlns:ns2="http://pat.ws.com/webService/MobileSubscriber" xmlns:ns1="http://pat.ws.com/webService/Common">
<text>Terms Text</text>

and i used foll code to parse this response

string XMLresponse = data;
var XResult = XElement.Parse(XMLresponse);

XNamespace ns2 = "http://pat.ws.aab.att.com/webService/MobileSubscriber";
var result = XResult.Descendants(ns2+"terms")
.Select(t => new
tag1 = t.Descendants("versionID").First().Value,
tag2 = t.Descendants("lang").First().Value,
tag3 = t.Descendants("text").First().Value,

then tag1,tag2,tag3 gives me proper values,

but when i just add one more namespace in getTermsAndConditionsResponse (xmlns=http://pat.ws.aab.att.com/webService/Folder) then my parsing fails means tag values are not initialized, what i found is if i add namespace with colon included like (xmlns:ns1=http://pat.ws.aab.att.com/webService/Folder) it works fine.

help me what is problem.