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    Application closed: Main

    Hello everyone!!!
    I've been having a little problem on my nokia E6-00. It's been 2 days that it keeps popping up an "Application closed: Main" and I just can't make it stop. Can anyone help me? thanks in advance

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    Re: Application closed: Main

    Note that this is a site about software development. If you are developing an application for your Nokia E6-00, it is normal if it does not work for the first try, consider debugging it with the emulator first.
    If you are not a developer, you should think over what happened to your phone in the last few days, including installation or uninstallation of applications, perhaps updating firmwares, if anyone played with the device settings, configuration files, etc.
    Note that there is a discussion board for end-user support on http://www.nokia.com/discussions

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