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    Turn on light by a movement

    Hi guys.

    I'm just posting an idea if someone would feel it's interesting, just grab it but leave some feedback. I am quite sure it is possible to make an application which would turn on backlight just by vaweing a hand in front of a phone. It would be convenient in the night when someone needs just small amount of ambient light (for example to find baby pacifier). If someone knows it is already developed for S60 3rd edition (E66) please let me know.


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    Re: Turn on light by a movement

    there are no sensors really for detecting hand movements, thus in practice only way to do this would be to have video camera on all times, this would generally also keep the flashlight on as well, making it rather not really useful idea. Anyway, you could always use accelerometer sensor to find out any movement of the device.

    For finding apps you could try Nokia store, and if you want to discuss applications in general, you could try the end-user discussion board at: http://discussions.europe.nokia.com/

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