I am quite new here, and please accept my apologies if my comments belong to elsewhere; I am just trying to find that elsewhere.

We have developed a novel input technology targeted for easing text entry on small mobile touch screen devices (smartphones and tablets). Essentially we have invented what we think is the ideal keyboard of the future for touch screen devices, with fewer, larger keys (only 9 keys) and with a patented letters and characters assignment optimized for speed.

Our track record so far: Our keyboard, MessagEase, is implemented and now available for Android, iOS, Windows, and Palm, with more than 500k aggregate downloads. Our Android product has had a great reception, with a rave users rating of 4.5 over 5 so far. Our users feedback have been very, very positive; We have quite a few people who text at seeds of 60-80 WPM with MessagEase. Our top champ's speed is 80 WPM.

Much more info, videos, and free download links at our site (www.exideas.com).

So the question is, how do we port our keyboard to Nokia phones?

Since a keyboard is a special case of an app, it would be great if we can hook up with the dev supports at Nokia who can take a look at our offering and tell us what we are looking at in terms of support, necessary hooks, etc. etc.

Can any good soul here direct us to the right place for this?

Can Nokia dev support please contact me for more information on this?

Thank you!

Saied Nesbat,
Founder and CEO