I recently participated in a Nokia "first app promotion". I believe it is through a consultant.
The detail are here:

I met all the requirements, and published my first app before the deadline:

Because I have student account with dev center, i was not eligible to get the free 1 year $99 token. My student account expired during this (I was banking on getting the token to continue developing) and I have paid that out of pocket now.

He said he ran out of phones and the last group of 40 would get their phone directly from Nokia. I have not heard recieved anything, phone or even a tracking number. When asked, Rich says he has not gotten a response back, and now I'm not getting replies from Rich.

Any idea how I track down whoever it is who is in charge with this? I am not going to keep buggin Rich, he hasn't gotten any info either. Id like to find out if my phone has shipped, maybe it was stolen off my porch or something, or if I am even actually going to get a phone at all?