I am having no success trying to access my sound.wav
In researching it seems you cannot add a sound file to a qrc resource.
So this is my try at a work around. I have tried a few other things I've found on the net
regarding this . But they didn't work. I have two apps that were finished months ago all but
getting the sound too work. They need the sound !!!

I can see my sound file on the phone!!!!!!

In my pro file
folder_01.source = qml/testapp/sound/mysound.wav


Sound only works using viewer.setMainQmlFile(QLatin1String("qml/SteamPunkCalculator/main.qml")

On install the file 'mysound.wav" is successfully installed into F:\private\0xE76C5555\mysound.wav

I can not find the url to get to it................

In my qml I have tried a few things. and spent a couple of days on this. some of the examples
Audio {
id: playSound
volume: 1.0
source: "file:///mysound.wav"

//source: "QUrl(mysound.wav)"
// source: "../../mysound.wav"
//source: "file: sound/mysound.wav"
// source: "sound/mysound.wav"
playing: true;

I setup my QT creator environment so all my testing apps get installed on the SD card so my phone doesn't get mucked up by the constant installing and uninstalling. I don't know whether that makes a difference in finding the wav file I should not think so?

Thanks for looking and hopefully some help.