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    Thumbs up How to change color scheme in new theme

    I want to get all icons, texts, and anything else shown on the screen to be "tinted" or "dyed" with a color "scheme", like everything in the default theme is white, make it tan, purple, lime, cyan, etc. is there a way to achieve this in a single (or just a few) steps? for now, all I'm doing is go through the whole list of components that show up in the search panel, and edit that, but there are just too many elements to edit!
    any help is appreciated.
    pd: sorry for my bad english.

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    Re: How to change color scheme in new theme

    This will not do it all but might help.
    so if you have 10 (or more) icons white and want them a different color select all 10 (select the first, press shift and select the last or select one after the other holding ctrl) -> you will see and can change the common colors all at the same time...
    this works with icons and elements but dose not seem to work with text...

    hope it helps, ciao!

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