I have created the one sample project using qtmobility (Xqtelephony, XQcontact....) builded for s60 5th edition, and i used old Qt moblie extension package(mobile extension preview 3). Now i am using the symbian ^3 edition and qt sdk (4.7.4) . I have tried to build same project in carbide(symbian ^3 edition) and Qt creator(4.7.4).. But i got following error.

  • BLD.INF FATAL ERROR: Extension: QT/QMAKE_EXTRA_PRE_TARGETDEP.EXPORT - cannot open META file: /Nokia/devices/Nokia_Symbian3_SDK_v0.9/epoc32/tools/makefile_templates/qt/qmake_extra_pre_targetdep.export.meta bld.inf /CallBlock line 29 C/C++ Problem

  • bldmake returned with exit value = 1

  • C:\Symbian\Carbide\workspace\CallBlock\CallBlock.h:36: error: XQTelephony: No such file or directory

is it require to start as new project using Qt creator?
What should i do?