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    Lightbulb GCC 4.4.1 + Carbide 2.7 = "instantiated from here" compilation error - FIX

    During compilation on Carbide 2.7 (and 2.6, 3.2) Symbian^3 SDK with gcc 4.4.1 sometimes (depending which Symbian header file is included in the source code, for example s32stor.inl) there is a eclipse cdt error parser problem which treats "instantiated from here" gcc warning message as an error, and puts warning on the problems tab as an error which results in compilation break and no automatic sis file creation. To overcome the problem it is enough to build the project again. Because all objects files are created no recompilation is done by gcc and no "instantiated from here" warning apears on gcc compilation output which results in successfull project build.
    To fix this problem eclipse cdt error parser should be updated. Here is anothe (closed) thread about that problem. Shortly, cdt error parser treats all output messages as errors if message doesn't contains "warning:" string.
    Workaround for the problem is to edit gcc compilator which produces "instantiated from here" message. Compilator file can be usually found here:
    C:\Program Files\CodeSourcery\Sourcery G++ Lite\libexec\gcc\arm-none-symbianelf\4.4.1\cc1plus.exe
    It is enough to edit it with any hex editor, and replace "instantiated from here" string to for example: "warning: inst.fr. here". Characters count must be equal!
    I can send 'fixed' compilator file if anybody needs it.

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    Re: GCC 4.4.1 + Carbide 2.7 = "instantiated from here" compilation error - FIX


    I would be very interested in the fixed compilator file. Can you send it to me at marian.kechlibar (at) circletech.net?


    P.S. Didn't know that there was software industry in Wieliczka, I was there 10 days ago and everything revolved around salt, salt, salt ;-)

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