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    Real 'route' URL

    Like m.nokia.me/p?pid=250u0ts2-1c93fd7f318d42c3b7faed31a34c3567 is a real Place details URL, is there an equivalent URL that would send the user to the 'route' view?

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    Re: Real 'route' URL

    Would m.nokia.me/p?pid=250u0ts2-1c93fd7f318d42c3b7faed31a34c3567&action=route make sense? There does not appear to be that option.

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    Re: Real 'route' URL

    The Map Image API is mainly focused on displaying a simple map in response to a URL. A Maps Image API place request is either:
    a) forwarded to maps.nokia.com e.g. http://maps.nokia.com/france/straats...faed31a34c3567
    b) returns a filled in a template from the RESTful Places API e.g. http://demo.places.nlp.nokia.com/pla...dGIW4yg&pretty

    Neither of these endpoints do routing directly - you'd have to make another call - on the maps.nokia.com for example you can click on "Get Directions" to plan a route.
    This leads to the next problem - where do you want the route to go from? What routing options to you want to make? By Car? Walking? Fastest Route? shortest route? etc

    Assuming you want to go from the current location of the device to the place, your best bet would be to use the position geocoodinate from the places response, and obtain a current location from the device or browser, then use these two locations as a pair of waypoints as shown here:


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