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    CAknListQueryDialog question

    Hi, all.

    I'm using CAknListQueryDialog. You can see the way I do that below. I know that RunLD delete dialog on dialog close. Does it mean that arraylist, on which dialog basised will be deleted to? If yes, how can I can item text that user had selected?

    CDesCArrayFlat *list = iStorage->GetList();
    TInt choosedIndex;
    CAknListQueryDialog *dialog = new (ELeave) CAknListQueryDialog(&choosedIndex);
    // look like the list isn't valid pointer at this point.
    // list->Count() return trash like -14453;
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    Re: CAknListQueryDialog question

    note that you could always use the void SetOwnershipType (TListBoxModelItemArrayOwnership aOwnershipType) to define teh ownership issues..

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