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    Help NFC nokia 603

    Sorry for my bad English.
    Can you help me?

    1. i have nokia 603.
    i use follow code:
    DiscoveryManager dm = DiscoveryManager.getInstance();

    and application on my phone trows Exception:
    Unhandled exception:iava.lang.SecurityExeption: only MFD/OPD is supported

    app is not sign.
    What do You think?

    2. Is it keeping up the emulation cards mode on nokia 603? how to get access to internal tag on Nokia 603?

    3. how to use peer-to-peer mode between nokia 603 and contactless reader SCL010(or any other reader)?

    4. System.getProperty("com.nokia.nfc.llcp.version") return null.
    What's the trouble?
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