I recently bought an N9 and want to port my Symbian application to it. The UX guidelines for Harmattan look good and I started reading it. But I need some extra UI guidelines.

For example, a lot of apps have headers like these:


But there is no header element in com.nokia.meego 1.0. So how should I create it? I can create a similar thing with rectangle and text elements. But what should the height of the rectangle be? What should be the size of the text? What are the padding values around the text?

Also I need some UI guidelines for simple things like default light foreground color for text. Or paddings between elements. Symbian has platformStyle variable for this, does Harmattan have anything similar?

I found some UIConstants.js around the web but since there are different ones out there I suspect that they are not official, instead are made by the app developers themselves. Is there an official UIConstants.js file made by Nokia?