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    How to delete file from user's home folder on Nokia N9 on app removal

    Hello, forum!

    My Qt application for Nokia N9 stores some data in the my folder inside /home/user/.config. I need to delete this folder with my data when application will be uninstalled. As far as I understand this can be reached using postrm file. I use the following file:

    rm -rf /home/user/.config/mydatafolder/
    exit 0
    But this code doesn't work. I assume there's not enough rights to remove something in the user's folder. So, I've tried to use

    devel-su user -c "rm -rf /home/user/.config/mydatafolder/"
    But it works only in developer mode and I need the app to work properly without it. The following code doesn't work too:

    su user -c "rm -rf /home/user/.config/mydatafolder/"
    Does anybody know how to remove this folder?

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    Re: How to delete file from user's home folder on Nokia N9 on app removal

    I think you can first change it's permission to 666
    juse like this:

    chmod 666 /home/user/.config/mydatafolder/
    //however i didnt try it ever for a directory ,i think u can try it.

    Or first use cd command to go to the direcrtory u need.
    Then do this
    chmod -R a+r *

    //I think so ,i am not familiar with linux command's usage, it is just a way for solving it,sorry.

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