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    Nokia Belle Feature Pack 2 plugin v1.0.0 released

    The Nokia Belle FP2 - v1.0.0 plugin release supports theme creation for Nokia 603, 700, 701 and 808 PureView devices that have the latest Nokia Belle FP2 software.


    To install the Nokia Belle FP2 theme plugin in Carbide.ui:
    1. Install and launch the latest version of Carbide.ui (4.3)
    2. Click on the Manage plugins icon, as shown below:
    3. The Plugin Manager dialog will show the "Nokia Belle FP2 V1.0.0" plugin. Select the "Install" link in the plugin description
    4. Select "Nokia Belle FP2 v1.0.0" from the dropdown as shown below:

    What’s New?

    1. Nokia Belle FP2 specific elements were added:
      • New application icons – DLNA play and Nokia Music
      • Song progress cursor in Music Player
      • Cut, copy and paste icons in Notes application, that appears when we select the text
      • “Go to Music Store” toolbar icon in Song List screen of Music Player application
      • “Genres” icon in Music Player application
    2. Corrected wrong preview elements (includes both text and graphics) and updated preview screens as per the latest platform software.
    3. Names of the graphics/icons updated as per the latest platform software.

    Note for theme designers

    • Keypad themes (for both normal and QWERTY keypads) are not supported in Nokia Belle FP2. You should design your themes to work well with the default colours and look & feel of the keypad. Refer to Preview screens in theme tool plugin for the default theme.

    Known Issues

    • Theming not supported for Home screen widgets.
    • Call and Search toolbar button in home screen are not themable.
    • "New event" toolbar icon in calendar application is not themable.
    • Battery and wireless indicator icons in status pane
    • Maps icon in application settings screen.
    • "New alarm" toolbar icon in clock application.
    • Large brightness indicator icon in slider settings screen.
    • Theming not supported for small and tiny icons
    • Theming not supported for following applications:
      • Message Reader
      • FM Radio
      • Recorder
      • Quick office
      • Gallery
      • Traveller
      • Office Mobile
      • Store
      • Public Transport
      • Broadcast
      • Communicator
      • Social
      • Video
      • Voice Recorder
      • Other third party applications.
    • Themeing not supported for following icons/graphics
      • Speech icon
      • Map icon in application settings screen
      • Tick icon in screensaver settings screen
      • Call image in theme settings screen.
      • New paired device icon in Bluetooth connectivity settings screen.
      • Cancel icon in new alarm screen in clock application. Notes for Nokia Store publishers

    Nokia Store does not differentiate between themes for Nokia Belle FP1 and for Nokia Belle FP2 devices (there is no unique catalogue for Nokia Belle FP2). This may result in problems because Nokia Belle themes are not completely compatible between feature packs (e.g. Option menu background, popup/info banner, qwerty key pad can differ in Nokia 603 and 808 Pureview).

    In order to work around this issue, we recommend:
    1. Select the supported phone models carefully (for both Nokia Belle FP1 and Nokia Belle FP2) before publishing the theme. Indicate phone model number along with supported themes theme when submitting.
    2. The theme name should indicate clearly whether the theme is made for Belle FP1 or Belle FP2. This could be done, for example, by appending FP2 to the theme name.

    You can use the the Nokia phone specification link to determine the feature packs to device mapping: http://www.developer.nokia.com/Devic...s/?filter1=all


    If you have any trouble in plugin installation or for any other Carbide.UI tool support/queries, please feel free to write to us at Support.UITools@nokia.com.

    Thank you all for the great support and feedback you've given us (the Carbide.UI team) over many years to help build this wonderful tool!
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