i am new to symbian development
i want to develop a new symbian apllication that work on most of the symbian devices that will deal with an rss.php file and whenever a new feed is posted it must give notification to the user.
I think that my application should run in the background to send such a notification like the whatsapp application.
I downloaded the offline qt sdk 1.2.1 and the affline qt sdk 1.1.2 and tested them; I faced many problems:
when i try to install the sis file of the project that i made on my symbian S60 3rd Edition Feature Pack 2 using qt creater it says that not compatible
and in the projects tab where u add a debugger there is debuggers for symbian^1, symbian^3, and symbian belle as well as the desktop and the harmattan and the simulator
can anybody help because i don't know from where should i start.