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    NOKIA E5- How to uninstall F-Secure

    Dear Friends,

    I am unable to uninstall f-secure on my Nokia-E5 (Symbian) mobile, the problems are when i try to open F-Secure error message came "system error" when i try to uninstall from cntrl pnl-dada mngr-app mngr- error message came " removing failed"

    Due to this issue i can't install skype (Voip) to my mobile,

    i was try many times and format my mobile twice but still problem continues..

    Please help to resolve. advanced thanks for your help

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    Re: NOKIA E5- How to uninstall F-Secure

    Welcome to the Nokia developer discussion board, as this Discussion Board concentrates on development related issues, you might find more end-user problems related Dibo better suited for your query. Here's link for one: http://discussions.europe.nokia.com/ or contact the original develoepr of the application for assistance.

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