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    Build symbian installer incl. exe + several plugins under Windows?

    I have already asked this in the qt developer forum and have been asked to go here with my problem. So here we go:

    I was a happy user of the remote compiler. But now it’s gone forever:


    I was hoping that it’s just a matter of installing the qt sdk on windows to be able to continue. It turns out it’s not that easy.

    My application consists of a main executable and several plugins (shared libs/dlls). So far all the DEPLOYMENT magic was inside the src.pro of my main executable. This just collected the dlls from the other branches inside my development tree. This worked fine in the remote compiler setup.

    In the local windows qt sdk setup this doesn’t work anymore. The build fails since the toplevel makefile doesn’t contain any sis_installer (or similar) target. Of course there isn’t as the toplevel pro file doesn’t contain any deployment related parts. But adding these doesn’t help since this toplevel makefile then expects to find similar targets in all targets underneath.

    So how do i create one single installer sis in a projects consisting of various pro files adding various dlls to the setup?


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    Re: Build symbian installer incl. exe + several plugins under Windows?

    Really noone?

    A solution may be to add a custom installer-sis target to the top makefile that invokes the same in the sub directory where everything is assembled.

    Can i add custom targets to the .pro file so they show up in the resulting Makefile?

    or can i tell QtCreator to invoke the "make installer_sis" in a subdir instead of the projects root?

    I have already contacted the Nokia helpdesk, but they also only guess like "one could try to build all the packaging stuff manually and run it from the command line with a lot of trial and error". That doesn't sound like useful advice to me ....

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    Re: Build symbian installer incl. exe + several plugins under Windows?

    did you mean nokia smart installer or the app installer itself?

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