We got some bug reports regarding how to get AnalyzeTool working with Belle SDK. Here is some workarounds against v1.15.1:

Function profiling does not work with GCCE compiler. As a workaround do not build for armv5_urel_gcce4_4_1, but use armv5_urel_gcce instead. If you have the default sbs installation from Belle SDK (v 2.15.3), you need to do the following changes to your SDK

Add these lines

<param name='LINKEROPTION_GCCE' default=''/>
<param name='OPTION_GCCE' default=''/>

inside this interface:
<interface name="Symbian.mmp" extends="base.flm" abstract="true">

in \epoc32\tools\sbs\lib\flm\standard.xml of your SDK

Add these lines


inside this if clause:

in \epoc32\tools\sbs\lib\flm\e32abiv2defaults.mk of your SDK

For Carbide.c++ 3.2 users, there is new a version 1.15.2 available at the Carbide Portal. It fixes a problem where AnalyzeTool tried to build with RVCT despite GCCE target selected.

Any question, please post here or contact me directly firstname.lastname@accenture.com

Matti Laitinen
Symbian Developer Tools