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    CAknToolbar items count

    I cannot set two buttons on CAknToolbar. It always shows three buttons. Where is my mistake?

    (*aToolbar) = CAknToolbar::NewL(R_EMPTY_TOOLBAR);
    (*aToolbar)->AddItemL( iCallback->CreateToolbarButton(aLeftIcon, EFalse), EAknCtButton, 
         aLeftCommandId, 0, 0 );
    (*aToolbar)->AddItemL( iCallback->CreateToolbarButton(aCenterIcon, EFalse), EAknCtButton, 
         aCenterCommandId, 0, 1 );
    Right button is always dublicate of central.

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    Re: CAknToolbar items count

    Ideally it should work, assuming your resource "R_EMPTY_TOOLBAR" is really empty. You can also try to create toolbar from resource.

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