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    How to log the call and sms event?

    There are sms and call links on the page. I want to log the event (use ajax to get a URL) when the links are clicked.
    The links ("sms:" and "tel:") run on the phone, so the dialog(dial message and sms app) show up immediately after the links are clicked.

    But the href not work when i add "onclick" to the links.

    How to log the event quietly and not effect the normal process?
    Thanks a lot!

    <a id="SmsButtonId" href="sms:?body=testBody">sms</a>
    <a id="CallButtonId" href="tel:+1234567890">call</a>

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    Re: How to log the call and sms event?

    Found the solution for sms.
    for example:
    <a id="SmsButtonId" href="#" onclick="mwl.loadURL('sms:?body=test');mwl.timer('smsTimer',10,1,logSms());">sms</a>
    This worked perfectly.

    But it not work for "tel:", any body can help? Thanks.

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