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    Question :-1: error: Failed to upload package: Failure File not found:

    I'm new to app development and to QtCreator so I just tried to compile and deploy the Toys: Clocks app.

    It works perfectly in the emulator and as a desktop app but when I try to deploy it (release or debug version) to my N9 via USB I get errors right at the end of the process.

    Can anyone suggest what I should do now? I'm running QtCreator on Ubuntu 10.04 LTS.

    :-1: error: Failed to upload package: Failure
    File not found:

    Compile output
    21:16:32: Preparing SFTP connection...
    21:16:32: Starting upload...
    21:16:32: Failed to upload package: Failure
    21:16:32: Deploy step failed.
    Error while building project clocks (target: Harmattan)
    When executing build step 'Deploy Debian package via SFTP upload'

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    Re: :-1: error: Failed to upload package: Failure File not found:

    I don't know if the maximum size problem is still there, but I got the same error when tried to deploy a package that was larger then 4 mb. So if the package is > 4 mb, you could be facing the same problem.

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