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    Questions Regarding SUPL 2.0

    Hey there,

    I am working on an application for Symbian, Android and iOS that allows you to locate family members when an emergency occurs.
    During my research I came across the SUPL 2.0 protocol that enables you to locate devices at emergencies.

    I would really like to use it for my app and was wondering how it works:
    * How do I communicate with the SLP/ESLP servers?
    * Does it allow a network initiated tracking process without the need of approval from the device itself?
    * Do all operators support it?
    * Do I need a special approval for the operators to do this?

    Thanks in advance,

    Jose Alberto
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    Re: Questions Regarding SUPL 2.0

    Generally we here are not focusing on Android nor iOS devices, instead we here are concentrating on application development for Nokia devices and services provided by Nokia.

    also the Nokia Supl server is not intended to be used directly by 3rd party apps, instead 3rd party apps should utilize positioning APIs provided for the selected implementation technology

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    Re: Questions Regarding SUPL 2.0

    Oops forgot to add Symbian as well.. I am also intending to develop it for Symbian..
    sorry about that..

    Would like to get your professional answers

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