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    How to deploy file to MyDcos/ or make it writable???

    How to deploy file to MyDcos/ ???
    I want to deploy a writable file (as larga as 5 Mb),which can be writtable in my N9 application.
    However i cant use postinst file to use commands to cp it to MyDocs/(This falied as if because the file is somehow too lage ,5 Mb)
    Besides i try to use chmod to change some file's permission which located at opt/myproject/ (To enable them to be writable again).However ,all these tries failed again and again.

    So now I am very needing some infomation or tips for solving these problem.That is to make file packaged in deb application can writable in my N9 application...

    Does anyone have some ideas?Please hlep me......

    This is my codes in postinst file

    chmod 666 /opt/chinaTrain/qml/chinaTrain/Databases/a2c2991211de1a0745e933b93e672a13.sqlite
    chmod 666 /opt/chinaTrain/qml/chinaTrain/Databases/a2c2991211de1a0745e933b93e672a13.ini
    exit 0

    and while i do so,the qml console debug show infomation below:
    file:///opt/chinaTrain/qml/chinaTrain/TravelPage.qml:173: Error: unable to open database file Unable to fetch row
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