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    Exclamation Unable to read Chinese resource file S40 SDK 2

    My app is translated into 9 national languages: English, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, Chinese, Hindi, Russian, & Arabic.

    However, I've hit a really odd problem on S40 SDK 2. It cannot read the Chinese resource file - end of file is reached when attempting to read the first byte!

    All nine resource files can be read in S40 E3 & E6 and S60 emulators. The same behaviour is found on actual devices (I have used exactly the same build (JAD/JAR) on each emulator and device).

    The following resource file snippets are in English and Chinese respectively:

    1000=HTTP authorisation failed
    1010=Bad HTTP request
    1020=Customer information failed
    1030=Delivery limit exceeded
    1040=Error in connecting to drm server


    I have worked around the problem by loading the English resource file if no keys are loaded into the hash map, but I think this is a platform bug.
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