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    Exclamation Buttons in LCD forms start on a new line in S40 SDK 2

    My app has navigation buttons on various view forms - e.g. Next, Previous, Detail, etc. The first button uses Item.LAYOUT_NEWLINE_BEFORE and the following buttons use Item.LAYOUT_DEFAULT (I have also tried Item.LAYOUT_2 but this changed nothing).

    On S40 E3 & E6 and S60 these are displayed horizontally in a single row (with wrapping if necessary) at the end of the form.

    On S40 SDK 2, these are displayed vertically - i.e. each button starts an new line / row. It's what I would expect to see if all buttons used Item.LAYOUT_NEWLINE_BEFORE.

    The same behaviour is found on emulators and devices. I think this may be a platform bug and I can't see a way around it
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