Due to billing matrix and low app prices in India and some other countries, I decided to have my app as 3 different content items, each having it's own price. Let's call them 'MyApp - India', 'MyApp - Asia' and 'MyApp - Global' (for the rest of the world).

Now, after few months, it turned out to be a bad idea: more work for me, more work for Nokia QA and most important: numbers of downloads, purchases, rates and comments, are all split between this 3 versions.

I want to have only one version, but how to merge it?
My idea is to unpublish 'India' and 'Asia' version, and change 'Global' to target also these countries where I unpublished.
But will there be problem with people who already downloaded or purchased these unpublished versions? How to forward them to this 'Global' version? How can they receive updates from Global version (as they have India/Asia version)?